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2019 Annual Technical Exchange Go Smoothly Between Haian and Jiangxi Copper

Since August 28, 2014, Fujian Haian Rubber Co., Ltd. signed a strategic collaboration agreement  with Jiangxi Copper, we not only maintain good cooperative relation, but also become their certified excellent supplier.

Photo 1,2: Haian GM and Chief Engineer took photo and talked with Jianxi Copper's leaders

On July 4, 2019, the General Manager Mr.Dai and Chief Engineer Mr.Huang of Haian company went to Inner Mongolia to conduct a technical exchange meeting with Jiangxi Copper to share each of them accumulated experience in production and discuss the technical problem, so as to find joint solutions.

                                                                            Photo 3,4: The technical exchange meeting was in progress

Haian company insists on regular technical exchange with our clients in order to understand customers' needs and listen to their voice thereby improving our products and service level.Thanks to the leadership of Jiangxi Copper, they have been giving Haian company strong support and help.

                                                                              Photo 5,6: Haian's technical service team went for site visit

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